~~Cosplays For Sale~~

Cosplaying homestuck was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done since that’s literally how I met all my cosplay friends but I actually have no intentions of ever wearing these cosplays again! There are other things I’d love to cosplay and I figured maybe someone else would love to cosplay homestuck as much as I did. All costumes have only been worn once~

  • Both costumes will fit med/large (like a size 8-10) shoe size is 8.5
  • I only accept paypal, message me for my information !
  • Shipping is $10~

Blue Kimono Kanaya ($115): This was my favorite Kanaya outfit by far ahhh I wish she wore it more lol ! Includes blue kimono and pink sash with virgo pendant.

Red Dress Kanaya ($120): This was literally only worn for like two hours ahaha I had to make it I feel in love with the design <33 Includes red dress and kanaya horns. Based off of this design !!

Porrim ($120): Includes black dress and green shoes !

Thank you!! I hope these cosplays find new homes <33 signal boosts are appreciated uwu

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